Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said during his weekly press conference that the Indian Foreign Minister will meet with Mohammad Javad Zarif tomorrow.

Iran Press/Iran news: At the beginning of his speech on the activities of our country's diplomatic apparatus, Saeed Khatibazadeh said, "Tomorrow, the Indian Foreign Minister will stop in Tehran for a few hours on his way to Russia and meet with the Iranian Foreign Minister. The Iranian foreign minister will also have some visits in the coming days, which will be announced as soon as these visits finalized.”

Foreign Ministry Spokesman noted that the visit of the Swiss Foreign Minister is within the framework of the normal visits of the foreign ministers of the two countries and was postponed for some time due to the coronavirus.

He added that we have deep qualitative-quantitative relations with Switzerland. Switzerland is not only the US interests section but also of Saudi Arabia and Canada. The Trump regime has shown that it uses every opportunity to put maximum pressure on Iran. They also met with Rafael Grossi before his trip to dissuade him from traveling to Iran. Iran's resources abroad are very extensive; the United States is trying to prevent these resources from entering the Swiss channel.


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