Tehran (IP) - The Chief of Iran's Presidential Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said that the process of international developments has strengthened the convergent policies of Iran and Russia, and Moscow has shown that the two countries can be a stable and effective partner for each other.

Iran PressIran NewsVaezi said on Wednesday: "These days the relations between Iran and Russia can be analyzed at three levels: international, regional and bilateral."

At the international level, he said, the relations are focused on cooperation between the two countries for establishing international peace and security, mutual support in international forums, strengthening multilateralism, and international law.

The Iranian official added at the regional level, the two countries cooperate in countering terrorism, extremism, and separatism, resolving regional crises, transport, transit, and participation in regional organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the Eurasian Union.

At the third level, said Vaezi, there is bilateral cooperation in the political, military, security, economic, trade, scientific, technological, and cultural sectors.

Regarding Russia's role in developing the technology of Iran's nuclear power plants, he said: "Iran-Russia nuclear cooperation is carried out in a transparent, lawful manner and under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency. If the same transparency is upheld for the nuclear activities of some of our neighbors, it will certainly strengthen trust between Iran and those countries."

Pointing to Russia's cooperation with Iran in JCPOA, Vaezi noted: "The JCPOA is one of the major achievements of the non-proliferation regime through negotiation and multilateralism, engineered by several countries, including Russia, beyond the hostile behavior of the US administration. In fact, supporting JCPOA at the international level is support for multilateralism, peace and security, and international responsibility. By supporting JCPOA, Russia, and European countries have supported the credibility of the Security Council and the United Nations and legitimate international agreements, and of course, Iran's activism and good relations with Russia in this way can not be ignored."

Vaezi also referred to the US failure to extend the arms embargo on Iran and its impact on Iran's cooperation with Russia in the field of weapons, and said: "Russia has long been Iran's partner in the field of defense weapons and it is normal Iran will cooperate with it after the lifting of the arms embargo."


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