Tehran (IP) - 'Qader' coast- to- sea missile cruise missile was successfully fired against surface targets by the Iranian Army during the joint Zulfaqar-99 drills.

Iran PressIran News: Admiral 'Shahram Irani', the spokesman of the Zulfaqar-99 Army drills, said on Friday that the operation to destroy the enemy's surface units and ships was launched by firing a 'Qader' cruise missile, and successfully hit a target vessel more than 200 kilometers away.

Admiral Shahram Irani added: "Today, Iran’s Navy is capable of carrying out effective missile fire from land to sea missile sites, as well as surface and subsurface units by naval cruise missiles in different ranges."

The spokesman for the Iranian Army's Zulfaqar-99 drill said: "Iran’s cruise missiles have special capabilities, including effective warheads with high explosive power and operations in electronic war environments."

The three-day 'Zulfaqar- 99' drills began yesterday (Thursday) with the presence of units of the Iranian Navy, Air Force, Defense and Ground Forces in the east of the Strait of Hormuz, the Makran coast, the Oman Sea, and the northern Indian Ocean to the 10 degrees north.


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