The representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Geneva Disarmament Conference warned on Thursday of the dangerous consequences of US lawlessness on international peace and security.

Iran Press/Europe: Nabi Azadi, the political adviser to Iran's Permanent Mission to Geneva, made the remarks at a plenary session of the Disarmament Conference in response to remarks by the US ambassador to the disarmament conference that Washington was seeking to continue arms sanctions against Iran and the US claims that Iran supported terrorism.

He said a look at the statements and confessions of US officials reveals who is a supporter of terrorism.

Referring to comments made by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump about the creation of al-Qaeda and ISIS, the Iranian envoy said that the United States is a major supporter of state terrorism.

He warned of repeated provocations by the US President regarding the use of force against Iran, calling such provocative statements a violation of the fundamental principles enshrined in the UN Charter, in particular Article 2, on the prohibition or threat of use of force and a serious threat to international peace and security.

Azadi warned of the dangerous consequences of irresponsible US policies and illegal actions.

He cited the negative consequences of a unilateral US foreign policy approach to international institutions, including the Conference on Disarmament and its efforts to destroy multilateral institutions and discredit the United Nations, including a desperate attempt to overturn the Security Council Resolution 2231 and the collapse of Iran's nuclear agreement 2015, stating that these efforts failed due to the invalidity and illegality of the US action by the Security Council.

He stated that Iran will not hesitate for a moment in its legitimate defense of the nation, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and its national interests against any aggression.

He also stressed the need for the full cooperation of Saudi officials with the International Atomic Energy Agency and transparency in its goals and dimensions of the country's nuclear program and called on Saudi officials to end the war and bloodshed against the innocent people of Yemen.

The three-day disarmament conference in Geneva is set to end on Friday.