Tehran (IP) - The President of the National Defense University and Research Institute Ahmad Vahidi said that the importance of the Palestinian issue is becoming increasingly clear these days.

Iran Press/Iran News: Delivering a speech at a conference that was held on publicizing ties with the Zionist Regime by Arab nations, Ahmad Vahidi said that the condition of the Islamic world has become more sensitive due to the conspiracy policies being implemented.

According to the latest poll among Arab people, 70% of them are against normalizing ties with the Zionist Regime, he highlighted. The presence of the Zionist Regime in the region is a false image, he added.

Commander Vahidi noted that as long as the Palestinian nation and groups are standing beside each other, they can foil all enemies’ plans.

According to Vahidi, the resistance axis which supports the Palestinian nation is powerful, and the false behavior of Arabs cannot be neglected. Addressing Arab nations, he asked this question that "are you normalizing ties with a regime which thinks is the owner of Arab lands?"

Today there is an opportunity for Islamic Nations to unite and create another stream of Islamic awakening, he concluded.


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