Tehran (IP) - National conference of White Tulips was held in Tehran and several provinces to commemorate the martyrs of Mena.

Iran Press/Iran news: In this ceremony, Representative of the Leader in Hajj and Pilgrimage affairs Abdolfattah Navab expressed that what happened in Mena was to the detriment of the Islamic world and made many families upset.

Referring to the Leader’s speech about what happened in Mena and Mecca, the official added that many people from various countries lost their lives and made the Islamic world upset.

"Pilgrims should have been guided better and more planning was needed," he highlighted.

Navab stressed that investigations in this regard continue, and Saudi Arabia must respond to the Islamic world.

The Head of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization Alireza Rashidian in this ceremony also emphasized on the importance of forming a committee to examine why this disaster has happened.

Referring to the fact that Iran has halted its relations with Saudi Arabia, Rashidian noted that we are pursuing the issue and steps have been taken in this regard through an international lawyer and also our Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, but proper results have not been achieved yet.

"More than 7000 people have martyred in the Mena disaster, and it must not be forgotten," he concluded.

The tragedy on 24 September 2015 caused by the criminal mismanagement of Hajj affairs by Saudi Arabia that led to the death of thousands of Guests of God, including over 500 Iranian men and women, but the memories of the wounds inflicted on the Ummah by the Wahhabi regime, remain fresh.


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