Iran's envoy to Russia stressed the strengthening of the cultural and economic cooperation of the two countries among other fields.

Iran PressEurope: Speaking among the Russian media experts in the defense area on Friday, Kazem Jalali said that Tehran-Moscow military, security, defense, and political cooperation are on the highest possible level, yet there is a lot to do in cultural and economic levels. 

Jalali referred to the 500-year-long ties of Iran and Russia and said the two countries agree on many international and regional issues.

"The trade balance with Russia is about 1.8 billion dollars, which is not a significant figure considering the capacities of the two countries," he noted.

He called the fight against unilateralism, international terrorism, and extremism as common issues for both sides and saying all these issues bring the two countries closer together.

Among the other issues, the Iranian ambassador to Moscow stressed the implementation of documents signed between the two countries, providing better education conditions for Iranian students in Russia, and the necessity of reflecting the real image of Iran by the Russian media. 

He highlighted the opportunities provided for the elevation of Iran-Russia ties, stressing that political, defense, and security relations do not have economic and cultural support, they will turn vulnerable.


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