Iran (IP)- Two border guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran were killed in a clash with armed miscreants in the southwest of the country.

Iran PressIran News: Commander of border forces of Khuzestan province, Brigadier General Lotfali Pakbaz said: "Yesterday evening (Saturday), a border patrol was patrolling in Hoor al-Azim, carrying out assigned missions. Armed miscreants clashed with them in that area."

Referring to the martyrdom of two border guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this armed clash, Brigadier General Pakbaz added: "One of the border guards of Iran was also injured in this conflict and was taken to hospital and was under treatment."

The border commander of Khuzestan province stated: "In this clash, armed miscreants also suffered damages and casualties, the news of which will be announced through the official media as soon as the information is completed."

Emphasizing that martyrdom is one of the honors of the honorable sons of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the border, Brigadier General Pakbaz went on to say: "Iran's border guards will never allow miscreants and smugglers to disrupt the borders or deprive the people of security and comfort."


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