Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran's Parliament, Abbas Moghtadaei said the dispute between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Karabakh region has no military solution and it will be resolved only through dialogue.

Iran Press/Iran News: Moghtadaei referred to the Azerbaijani-Armenian dispute over Karabakh and noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran's rational and fundamental policy is to maintain peace and friendship in the region.

The Iranian MP noted that conflicts open the door for foreign countries in the region, and that means a vicious circle that can jeopardize peace, friendship, and security.

Noting that Iran closely monitors the behaviours of the neighbouring and regional countries, he said all those who help reduce tensions are friends, and those who seek to continue the conflict are the regional countries’ enemies.

The conflict between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia began in 1988, turning into a military conflict in 1991 and has once again intensified with some foreign countries’ intervention.

The new round of clashes began last Sunday, with some forces on both sides killed and wounded. 


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