Iraqi security expert:

The Iraqi security expert believes that the recent terrorist attacks in some parts of the country are a new US game to ensure the remaining of its forces in Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: "Terrorist groups with foreign funding are carrying out criminal operations to change Iraq's position on the withdrawal of American troops," said Iraqi security expert Kazem al-Hajj, referring to the terrorist attacks in some parts of Iraq.

He added: "There are signs of a resurgence of ISIS in Iraq to suggest that the situation in the country is unstable and that expelling foreign forces is not in the interests of the Iraqi government."

The Iraqi security expert believes that efforts are being made to use these terrorist gangs as a pressure factor on the Iraqi parliament so that the resolution on the expulsion of the Americans from Iraq is not implemented.

Terrorist gangs have recently increased the number of terrorist operations in some parts of Iraq, but their movements have so far been thwarted by the Iraqi security forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces.

Popular Mobilization Forces have thwarted three terrorist attacks in the southwestern city of Samarra, in the last four days, and a number of terrorists have been arrested or killed by other security and military forces.   207

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