Middle East(IP): The Yemeni Ansarullah movement condemned the agreement to normalize relations between Sudan and the Zionist regime.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Yemeni Ansarullah movement issued a statement on Friday night condemning Sudan's attempt to establish relations with the Zionist regime as a mischievous act, adding that criminal regimes that align themselves with the Zionist regime's greed and selling off the most sacred Islamic issue are obvious and scandalous today and they will see nothing but loss and disgrace.

"No matter how much these regimes betray and declare their allegiance to the United States and Israel, their nations will never accept them and will continue to condemn such actions and any moves to destroy the Palestinian cause," the Yemeni Ansarullah statement said.

US President Donald Trump on Friday announced the normalization of relations between Sudan and the Zionist regime and announced that Sudan and Israel have agreed on the full normalization of relations.

Earlier, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain agreed on the full normalization of diplomatic relations following the US President's efforts to facilitate the normalization of relations between the Arab regimes and the Zionist regime.


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