Tehran (IP): The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the unjustifiable stance of the French authorities regarding the insult to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a cause for hatred.

Iran Press/Iran News: French President Emmanuel Macron recently said in a brazen statement that France would continue to publish insulting cartoons against the Prophet of Islam.

The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saeed Khatibzadeh on Saturday condemned the stubborn continuation of insulting actions against the Prophet (PBUH) in France, which unfortunately has in some cases been accompanied by the support of some officials, saying insulting Islamic values ​​and Muslim beliefs is unacceptable and rejected.

Khatibzadeh added that undoubtedly the unacceptable and violent actions of the few extremists that originated from an extremist and deviant thought in the Islamic world and ironically, its owners are also political partners close to the West and the United States, cannot serve as justification for insulting and disrespecting the heavenly figure respected by one billion and eight hundred million Muslims in the world.

The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that there is no doubt that the unjustifiable position of the French authorities is not an appropriate and prudent response to this extremism and violence, and it is causing more and more hatred.

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo some months ago republished controversial insulting cartoons about the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in a new audacity.


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