Tehran (IP) - The Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Saturday in an in-person meeting with the President and members of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus while appreciating the performance of this headquarters, stressed the need to take decisive decisions, convince public opinion, and cooperation of all institutions and individuals to deal with the deplorable state of the Coronavirus.

Iran PressIran NewsAyatollah Khamenei criticized the actions of some in dealing with the government and the president, saying that desecration is forbidden and criticism is different from desecration, while today the country needs cooperation, unity, and cohesion more than ever."

At the beginning of his speech, the Leader stated the purpose of this meeting, the unfortunate situation of the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, and the need to redouble efforts and use new initiatives to deal with the virus.

Referring to the management of the virus in different countries, Ayatollah Khamenei said that in some countries, such as the United States, the worst management has been applied, but we must try to leave behind this incident, which is related to the lives and health of the people and their security and economy, with the best management.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, emphasizing the need for unity and internal cohesion in the country, referred to the recent action of some in the face of the government and the president and highlighted that although there are good people among these brothers, I declare explicitly that this was wrong.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out that you may have the right to criticism, there is no problem, but criticism is different from desecration and insult. Such behavior and insult is the way of Americans who have exposed themselves in debates to the extent that a US prominent political figure says that the world looks at us with fear and contempt.

Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the health, security and economic aspects of decisions on the coronavirus, and the possibility of conflict between these aspects, stressed that since the security and economic aspects also originate from the same disease, so the principle and priority in decision-making is the health of the people.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, appreciating the actions of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus and its affiliated committees, called the performance of the medical and health personnel very brilliant and continued to make important recommendations.

Before the Leader speech, Iran's President Hasan Rouhani, giving a report on the activities against the corona in the past eight months, said: "At the moment, there is no other way but to follow the rules of health and prevention."

"Like during the war, when we were not allowed to buy war equipment, at the beginning of the corona outbreak, almost no one gave us the equipment we needed, such as diagnostic kits, respirators, ICUs and even masks, but relying on knowledge-based companies," he added but relying on knowledge-based companies, we produced this equipment quickly and now we have no problems."

Referring to the difference between the nature of the current coronavirus and the March virus that infected the country, Iran's president added: "Both the Ministry of Health and experts say that the virus has been a European mutated virus in recent months, which has increased its speed and transmission power nine times."

Iran's Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, Saeed Namaki, thanked the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for his unwavering and encouraging support and the efforts of all officials and the medical staff to fight against corona and said: "We have allocated half of the hospital ICUs to corona patients but we did not delay any other patients in need of an ICU bed."

The Minister of Health added: "Nowhere in the world can the pandemic be controlled with request and advice, and we must control this disease by applying rules and tightening legal restrictions."


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Leader: Country needs cooperation, cohesion more than ever
Leader: Country needs cooperation, cohesion more than ever