A US military statement said on Thursday that the country's coalition in Syria and Iraq has killed more than 1,400 civilians up to the date as the US military acted against Daesh (ISIS).

Iran PressAmerica: "Since the beginning of operations in 2014, the coalition liberated 110 thousand Km2 and 7.7 million people from ISIS in Syria and Iraq," The Coalition said in a statement.

“Between August 2014 and September 2020, the coalition carried out 34,917 anti-terrorism raids," it added.

“The US-led Operation Inherent Resolve assessment showed at least 1,410 civilians have been inadvertently killed in the coalition airstrikes," the US statement reported.

The statement comes as the Iraqi people under the leadership of Iraqi Shia Marja formed a Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) and defeated the Deash terrorist group after three years of a steady and breath-taking fight.

Earlier, US officials, including Hillary Clinton and US President Donald Trump, had explicitly stated in the 2016 election campaign that Daesh was made by the US intelligence service.

The US coalition has confessed to the killing of more than 1,410 civilians in Iraq and Syria, yet the death toll may be much higher.


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