Good things come in small packages, and Jujube certainly does. The fruit is also known as red dates and has been cultivated from China to the Middle East for over 4,000 years.

Iran Press/Asia: People used Jujube not only as food but for medicinal purposes, including treatment of insomnia, anxiety, and cold symptoms.

Jujube is a small deciduous shrub with shiny green leaves and yellowish-green flowers. The fruit is oval and green when unripe and purplish-brown and wrinkled (like a date) when mature. Though it has the consistency and taste of an apple when ripe, it tastes like dates when mature.

Jujube is thought to have originated from Syria and North Africa at least 3000 years ago. It then moved east towards southern Asia and, eventually, to China, where it is still widely grown. It is also found in Madagascar, Bulgaria, some other parts of Europe, and the Caribbean islands.

Health Benefits of Jujube

Jujube effectively relieves anxiety and insomnia. It contains over 18 amino acids, which promote healing and build tissue in the body. These tiny fruits are high in fiber, carbohydrates, and a wide variety of nutrients for energy and overall health.

If you’re able to find fresh Jujube, eat them as a delicious snack. Otherwise, keep dried Jujube on hand for snacking. Keep in mind that the dried jujubes have more sugar and calories than the fresh ones.

One-half cup of fresh Jujube has about 79 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrate. The same amount of dried fruit has 287 calories and 74 grams of carbohydrate.

Jujube extracts not only relieve the symptoms of chronic constipation but also improved the quality of life.

Optimum blood circulation means your organs are thoroughly oxygenated, and you feel generally fresher and full of energy. Consuming a few Jujubes a day is a great idea as it is known to nourish the blood.

This little fruit is packed with vitamins A and C that are powerful antioxidants. These essential nutrients fight free radical damage that can otherwise compromise the immune system and increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, and rapid aging. These nutrients achieve this by regulating the production of inflammatory cytokines.

The brain cells start degenerating with age. This increases the risk of several neurological disorders. Jujube is capable of calming the mind. Studies state that the fruit could be a potential candidate in the treatment of neurological diseases.


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