Iraq's defense minister says that there are about 2,000 ISIL fighters in northern Babil, Baghdad, and areas liberated from ISIL occupation.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Al-Ahd News Agency, Iraqi Defense Minister Juma Anad Saadoun said that most of the remaining ISIL members in Iraq are locals and live near villages where there were attacks to liberate them from the Takfiris.

Stating that ISIL has advanced weapons, he added that 90% of ISIL attacks are due to security forces and civilians' negligence.

The Iraqi Minister of Defense stated: "The Iraqi army forces cannot control all areas in Iraq, including desert areas."

Recently, ISIL movements have intensified in parts of Iraq, especially in Diyala, Ninawa, Al-Anbar, and Salah al-Din province.

According to close field observations, desert, mountainous, impassable areas, and areas that have been deserted since the American invasion in 2003 and the invasion of ISIL in 2014 are the main gathering places for secret terrorist elements.


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