Tehran (IP) - The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the Tehran-Doha relations friendly and developing in a telephone conversation with Emir of Qatar.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a telephone call with the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani on Wednesday evening, Hassan Rouhani said that he hoped with the new developments in the field of international relations, the hostile policies of some countries in the region would decrease and we would see a stronger opportunity for dialogue and reaching an understanding within the region.

Emphasizing the development and deepening of Tehran-Doha relations in all areas of interest, especially economic and trade relations, the President said: "Accelerating the implementation of agreements between Tehran and Doha will be in the interest of both nations and the region."

Referring to the agreements reached between the officials of the two countries during the meeting of the Joint Economic Commission in Isfahan, Rouhani added: "We hope to see the implementation of all the agreed plans and the flourishing of relations between the two countries."

Emphasizing that we must rule on the view of coercion and reliance on foreign countries with wisdom, rationality and honest dialogue within the region, the President said: "Unfortunately, the Zionist regime is the cause of insecurity and instability in the region. It is really a surprise for us that some neighbors consider their security in the shadow of their connection with the criminal Zionist regime, which is the enemy of all Islamic regions and countries.”

"We, the countries of the region, can solve our problems as neighbors and brothers," said Rouhani. "I have no doubt that in the coming months we will see better conditions in regional relations with the help of each other."

The President also responded to the Emir of Qatar's official invitation to pay an official visit to Doha, expressing hope that the visit would take place at an appropriate time.

In this telephone conversation, the Emir of Qatar called the relations between Iran and Qatar strategic and developing, stressing that the implementation of the agreements between the two countries is in the interests of the two nations and Qatar will make every effort to implement these agreements.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani referred to regional issues, noting: "We believe that cooperation between Iran and the Persian Gulf countries should be further developed in all areas, including water security in the region, and in any agreement to provide regional security, Iran must be part of the discussion to reach an agreement. 101

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