Yemen (IP) - Iran's ambassador to Yemen announced the readiness of the Islamic Republic to expand bilateral cooperation in the field of health and medicine.

Iran Press/Middle East: "Iran is ready to expand cooperation with Yemen," Iranian Ambassador to Yemen Hassan Erloo said on Saturday during a meeting with Taha Al-Mutawakil, the Minister of Health in the National Salvation Government (NSG).

Condemning the assassination of Iran's top nuclear and defense scientist, the Yemeni Minister of Health said that the country was interested in using Iran's experience in the field of health, including primary medical care, access to health services in villages, and fighting infectious diseases. 

The Yemeni Minister of Health also presented a report on the damage to the country's health sector infrastructure as a result of the Saudi coalition attacks, saying that 400 health centers and hospital facilities were destroyed as a result of the Saudi military invasion of Yemen.

Taha al-Mutawakil praised Iran's support in transferring experiences in the health sector to Yemen, saying that the Saudi coalition is the cause of the spread of contagious diseases and the prevention of the entry of pharmaceutical items and medical equipment into Yemen.