Pres. Rouhani:

Tehran (IP) - Referring to the failure of the US policy of maximum pressure against Tehran, Iran's president said that the enemy is angry that its goal of stopping Iran's economy has not been achieved.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a meeting of the Government's Economic Coordination Headquarters on Tuesday, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said: "Although the enemy's sanctions were not without damage to the country's economy, people's lives and livelihoods, the enemy did not achieve the main goal set for the sanctions and the economic war, i.e. "the collapse of the Iranian economy", and it can be vigorously acknowledged that the effects of the sanctions have been neutralized."

Stressing that this great success was achieved in the shadow of the resistance of the Iranian people and the policies and measures adopted, Hassan Rouhani stated: "People are confident that the economic resistance has yielded results, and that the sanctions imposers will have to go their own way. Therefore, forecasts for the future are positive and economic behaviors in different markets show the same result."

At the meeting of the Government's Economic Coordination Headquarters, issues related to the finalization of the budget law were also discussed, and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, referring to the main axes of next year's budget, said: "The budget bill of 1400 AH opens the way for the country to move towards the development of infrastructure."

Rouhani mentioned the lack of reliance on oil in next year's budget as one of the positive variables of this budget, highlighting: "The government has made the necessary plans with accurate calculations and considering the experiences gained in the process of dealing with tough economic sanctions imposed on the country, and this is a great achievement."


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