Tehran (IP) - Responding to IranPress question on whether there is a bill being considered in the parliament with the aim of imposing a 25-year sentence on any Afghan national who enters Iran illegally, Vice President of Iran for Parliamentary Affairs said the issue may be a lawsuit, or it may be pursued in the form of a lawsuit.

Iran PressIran News: "With this title and content that mentioned, it is the duty of the judiciary to send it to the government after it is prepared; and till now as I am in your presence, such a bill has not reached the government, so there is no such bill from the government's point of view," Hossein-Ali Amiri explained.

"The MPs can also submit a judicial bill, and the bill prepared by the MPs come to our office, and we announce them to the relevant departments of the government and if related to the judiciary, we also announce the bill to them," he pointed.

"Afterwards, we consider the opinions and sum it up," Amiri stated.

"So far, the Islamic Consultative Assembly has not officially announced such a bill for us to comment on," he added.

So it may be in the idea stage, but it is not yet official, the vice president for parliamentary affairs concluded.


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