Sana'a (IP) - A member of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council reacted to the recent US State Department decision to blacklist the Ansarullah movement, stressing that the US decision was of no value to Ansarullah.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press reporter in Sana'a, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi said: "first of all, on the subject of instigating tension, I must say that the Yemeni people are proud to rise against US bullying."

"Secondly, we are tension-instigators and Saudi Arabia is a tension-instigator, but will it also provide arms to the Republic of Yemen because of this trait, as the United States is doing for Saudi Arabia?" he asked. 

Regarding the US decision about Ansarullah, he said:

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi told Iran Press the US statements are not even as valuable as the ink with which the statements and decisions are written, stressing that Yemen is an independent nation and does not fear anyone but God.

"All our efforts are to be the flag bearers in defense of our homeland and independence," he emphasized. 

Al-Houthi also spoke about Yemen's relations with Iran after Washington sanctioned the Iranian ambassador to Yemen and reiterated:

"Our relations with Iran or other countries are similar. It is not possible for us to consider any person or party, whether Iran or the United States, superior to our nation. Our decision will be independent and our republic will remain independent."

With regard to the newly elected US President Joe Biden and his future policies also the Yemeni official pointed out: 

We comment on Biden's policies when confronted with them. But today we tell Trump that in the last four years you have done everything you could to oppress our nation and kill our children, but today you are leaving the White House and our nation is alive and running.


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