Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission issued a statement condemning the European Parliament's interference in Iran's internal affairs and calling the resolution imposing sanctions on officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran for alleged human rights violations.

Iran Press/Iran News: The statement issued in response to the European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in Iran reads:

1. The European Parliament, which passed a resolution opposing the execution and protection of criminals against Iran's national security, is the same that is silent against the assassination of Iranian scientists and has always been a supporter, and a haven of terrorists.

2. While the officials of the terrorist and criminal Israeli regime have confessed to carrying out the assassinations in Iran, the European officials have never dared to criticize them either because of their affiliation or fear of the Zionists.

3- Whenever the members of the European Parliament were able to put aside the shameless support of the Western countries for the Israeli regime and the terrorists and the murderous dictators, then the public opinion of the world can listen to them. There is no doubt that Westerners, with their negative and dark backgrounds in support of terrorists, dictators, militants, and assassins, are never worthy of criticizing Iran's actions.

4. Years of killings and crimes in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen by US-made terrorists and some European countries and their allied criminals, in which hundreds of thousands of innocent people were massacred in the most heinous way, not only the European Parliament and false human rights claimants did not condemn but they also provided all kinds of assistance and assistance to all the terrorists, which will not disappear from the minds of the nations of the region and from history, and the officials of European countries who were responsible for these crimes must be brought to justice.

5. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament shamelessly gives the letters of recommendation against Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to its government, meanwhile, the history of British aggression and colonization in the world and its crimes against humanity in Iran and many countries in the region has a long list, and the people of the region are also involved in the evil, corruption, and misery of this country.

6. The French government, which is one of the human rights claimants has traces of its crime from North Africa to West Asia to Bab al-Mandab Strait, has become a haven for the most dangerous terrorists, including the MKO, instead of opposing the execution of a criminal who was under the protection of its intelligence agencies, to respond to Macron's anti-human rights rhetoric in support of insulting images against the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) that sparked a wave of anger among Muslims around the world.

7. The Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission calls on the Foreign Ministry to provide the parliament with the names of European officials who have committed crimes against the Iranian people for comprehensive sanctions.

Members of the European Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday accusing Iran of what it calls "human rights violations."

European lawmakers had criticized the execution of Ruhollah Zam in the resolution.


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