The US President asked his vice president not to approve the result of the vote in the Electoral College.

Iran Press/America: The US President Donald Trump has asked his Vice President Mike Pence, who also chairs the Senate, not to approve the results of the House of Representatives, a US media outlet reported.

On Wednesday, Trump retweeted one of the requests by one of his supporters which asks Mike Pence not to approve the House of Representatives vote in the January 6 session.

Trump reportedly met with Mike Pence in his office a few hours before the message was republished on Twitter.

Members of the Electoral College, or Electoral College, elected Biden as the new president of the United States after the December 14 vote.

However, Trump continues to seize every opportunity to declare the results of the US presidential election illegitimate and rigged while he has filed dozens of lawsuits in various US courts over election fraud, all of which have failed.

Trump has also repeatedly called on his supporters to stage violent demonstrations in the streets of the United States. 219