Tehran (IP)- Iranian Foreign Minister said: "What should be given more attention among Asian countries today is to achieve a solidarity based on the historical past."

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday at the Fourth Conference on History of Iran's Foreign Relations which was held virtually emphasized: "When we talk about the relations between Iran and Asian countries; It is a long-standing relationship that spans more than 4,500 years."

He noted: "According to solid archaeological and historical evidence, a kind of peaceful relations have been established in the framework of trade, cultural and social relations between Iran and Asian countries, which in addition to migration and trade, has spread culture and religion throughout Asia."

He added: "We, as civilized nations on the ancient continent, the cradle of human civilization, must build our destiny."

"Emphasizing the historical relations between Iran and Asian countries and holding such conferences is not only a reminder of the distant past but also is to achieve a constructive relationship for today," he said.


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