The chairman of the High National Reconciliation Council of Afghanistan announced that the second round of peace talks with the Taliban will be held in Qatar again.

Iran PressAsia: At a meeting of the High Council of National Reconciliation on Sunday, Abdullah Abdullah stated that the supporting countries, which had declared their readiness to host the second round, announced that the peace talks would be held again in Qatar due to the spread of the coronavirus

Afghanistan's National Security Adviser has previously said that the second round of peace talks should be held inside Afghanistan because negotiations abroad are not in Afghanistan's interest due to outside influence.

The Afghan president also supported the stance of the national security adviser at the meeting and called on the Taliban to hold a second round of peace talks in Kandahar. But the Taliban political bureau in Qatar issued a statement rejecting talks inside Afghanistan, calling it an attempt to disrupt the peace process.

The Afghan government and the Taliban have agreed on a peace talks agenda after 93 days of negotiations which currently is closed, with the next round set to resume on January 5, 2021.