The Yemeni people have reacted to the assassination of Lieutenant- General Qasem Soleimani ahead of the first anniversary of his martyrdom, commenting exclusively to Iran Press on his role in the war against terrorism and why the US resorted to assassinating him.

Iran Press/Middle East: One Student of law college at Sana'a University, Mohammed, said Martyr Soleimani had fought against terrorism until he was martyred by the real terrorist state, United States.

A Traffic Police officer near Al-Thawrah Hospital in Sana'a said: "Soleimani was supporting the resistance in Iraq and Syria and was the backbone of the Palestinian Resistances."

Abdullatif Hamiduladin said: " Soleimani was a great commander who played a vital role in defeating terrorism and has his own hallmarks in that especially in supporting the Palestinian resistance movements."


US made grave mistake with assassination of General Soleimani

Expulsion of US from region is the revenge for Martyr Soleimani