Yemeni politician:

Head of the Yemeni National Salvation Government has said that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have a clear and common project to divide Yemen, in addition to special projects for controlling Yemen.

Iran PressMiddle East: The UAE aspires to control a number of Yemeni cities, islands, and sites, and Saudi Arabia wants to control other parts, Bin Habtoor told Almasirah, on Thursday.

He pointed out that the attempt to show that the mercenaries of the aggression united is a big lie, stressing that the mercenaries will return to fighting because the disagreement is deep between them.

Bin Habtoor explained that the countries that had normalized relations with Israel are part of the US Western-Zionist project and they are now seeking to form an alliance against Iran because it has sided with Palestine.

Head of the National Salvation Government added that there is a project of fragmentation in the Arab and Islamic region that has been drawn for more than 100 years in favor of the Zionist project and the occupation of Palestine.

He stressed that any project that resists the Zionist project in the region, of course, will be faced by the entire Western project.


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