France condemned the Israeli plan to advance the construction of another 800 housing units in the occupied West Bank.

Iran PressEurope: The French Foreign Ministry in a statement called on Israeli officials to abandon the plan to advance the construction of housing units.

The statement from the French Foreign Ministry said: "We urge the parties to  evade taking unilateral action that could jeopardize a two-state solution based on international law and the agreed terms."

In recent weeks, Israel has approved plans to build hundreds of housing units in the occupied Palestinian territories before Biden could officially take office.

In recent weeks, Israel, whose main sponsor of the illegal actions, Donald Trump, lost the US presidential election, has intensified its movements to destroy Palestinian homes and arrest Palestinian youth in various parts of the West Bank.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry in a statement said that Israel has stepped up its efforts to expand settlements in the last days of Trump's presidency.

The construction of new settlements is a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

The resolution, which was approved on December 23, 2016, by a vote of 14 members and the only abstention of the United States, while stating building settlements in Palestine illegal, calls on Israel to stop the construction operation.