Tehran (IP) - Receiving the S. Korean Deputy Foreign Minister, the head of Iran's Parliament Commission of National Security, said the two countries should not let the US meddlesome hurt their mutual ties and interests.

Iran Press/Iran News: Deputy Foreign Minister of the South Korea Choi Jong-Kun and the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran's Parliament Mojtaba Zonnouri met on Tuesday and discussed recent developments the relations between the two countries.

Zonnouri pointed to Iran's assets blocked in South Korea's banks due to the US pressure and said the Korean leaders are expected to be clever enough to release the Iranian properties and do not let the two countries' relations are tarnished due to the malicious policies of the US. 

He said the historical background of the relations between the Iranian and South Korean nations and the absence of a negative record in the cooperation between the two countries had provided them with a suitable context for the growth and development of relations in various fields.

Deputy Foreign Minister of South Korea Choi Jong-Kun, for his part, expressed satisfaction over his meeting and close consultations with the Iranian officials to expand bilateral relations between the two countries and clear the obstacles on the way. 

Choi noted that Seoul intends to return Tehran's currency resources to Iran, stressing that his country takes necessary measures to remove the technical problem of the Korean tanker seized.


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