Tehran (IP) - More than 10,000 nurses signed the "Thank You My Leader" statement to express their support for the Leader's wise, authoritative, and proud positions on the COVID vaccine, as well as infrastructure issues in the field of nursing care.

Iran Press/Iran News: The statement stated: "We, the nurses, support not only the recent positions of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in the field of COVID vaccine, but also the basic issues in the field of nursing and the great infrastructure of the health system, and we consider ourselves the executor, defender, and agent of our beloved leader."

"We know that the vaccine is generally a preventive factor, but the home-made COVID vaccine in this situation is a factor of national pride and authority and a factor in ensuring the health of individuals, especially human resources in the health system."

"Wise positions, compassion, and special attention of the Leader to vaccine scientists, guaranteed health of the people and his emphasis on specialized attention to the number and condition of human resources in the field of nursing care is the main motive force of the slogan "We Can". Therefore, we wholeheartedly honor and support his wise positions, and congratulate ourselves and the people of Iran for having such a compassionate, punctual, and powerful leader."

"Undoubtedly, for those of us who have risked our lives in the fight against coronavirus for a year, we consider the vaccine import in the country aiming at completing foreign research projects a "historical disgrace."


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