The head of Iran’s Interest Section in Cairo rebuked Speaker of the Arab Parliament Adel Al-Asoomi for his accusations against Iran.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with Sada El Balad satellite TV channels network, Adel Al-Asoomi made the remarks denounced by the Head of Iran’s Interest Section in Egypt, Naser Kanaani.

Kanaani stated in his response to the speaker of the Arab Parliament: “I tell him that you will not be considered great and respected by speaking out against Iran. Today, the roots and sponsors of terrorism are clear to everyone. Therefore, it is better not to speak for Israel and the United States against Iran, but as the speaker of the Arab Parliament, speak for the Arab nations, whose view and judgment of Israel and the United States are clear and their respect for Iran is very high.”

 Addressing  Al-Asoomi, the head of Iran’s Interest Section in Cairo said, do Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine give you the responsibility to speak on their behalf about Iran?"

Kanaani accused Al-Asoomi of abusing his position, which causes a decline in the position of this Arab institution.