Tehran (IP) - In response to Ireland's interest in playing a role in maintaining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian Foreign Minister stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to put the full implementation of JCPOA on its agenda as in the past if sanctions are lifted and the United States fulfills its obligations.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad Javad Zarif in a video conference with Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney reminded that Iran has fulfilled all its obligations in the form of JCPOA from the beginning and after the withdrawal of the United States and Europe's inability to fully implement the agreement’s obligations and Iran's lack of interests of JCPOA, it has reduced its obligations under Article 36 of the agreement. 

Zarif, while congratulating Ireland on its membership in the Security Council as a non-permanent member, emphasized the tasks of this Council within the framework of the UN Charter and multilateralism. 

He added that US actions have been accompanied by harassment and the imposition of illegal sanctions, especially in recent years, which have been contrary to the aims and provisions of the Charter and have violated international treaties. 

He noted: It is expected that all countries, especially the members of the Security Council, will make constructive efforts for international peace and security. 

While welcoming the start of the reopening of the Irish Embassy in Tehran, FM Zarif stressed that the potential for bilateral relations is great. 

The Irish Foreign Minister also stressed the importance of Iran-Ireland relations, adding that the Irish embassy in Tehran was temporarily closed a few years ago due to financial problems alongside several embassies in other countries, and now we are trying to reopen it as soon as possible.

Simon Coveney added that Ireland considers the JCPOA to be an important achievement of multilateral diplomacy and intends to play an active and constructive role in this regard.

He described the election of Joe Biden as the new president of the United States promising, calling for more diplomatic channels. 

He also called for more cooperation and the continuation of political consultations with Iran in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, given Iran's effective position in the region.


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