Nairobi (IP) - Iran will expand trade ties with Kenya through a common innovation center that will provide a platform for exchanging ideas.

Iran PressAfrica: The Iran House of Innovation and Technology (IHIT) will be unveiled next week in Kilimani, Nairobi, which will offer workspaces and internet for Iranian and Kenyan companies.

Iran's Ambassador to Kenya Jafar Barmaki stated: “This center is the first of its kind in Africa and the biggest in the world that Iran has established to transfer the technology acquired over the years.”

A delegation of 40 Iranian knowledge-based firms in the fields of petrochemical, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and nanotechnology is set to tour the IHIT center next week.

The delegation led by the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology, Sorena Sattari, will meet the Kenya business community for a business forum to strengthen trade relations between the two countries.

The Business-to-Business (B2B) meeting will allow Kenyan companies to interact and network with the Iranian companies with a view to securing partnerships and joint ventures.

“In our foreign policy, we consider Kenya a friendly county equipped with good infrastructure and through which we can reach the other countries of the region,” Barmaki pointed.

Iran remains one of Kenya’s key markets, and it pays a premium price for local tea, which has seen the country conduct several trade missions to promote the market.


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