The US president in a statement on Friday said that the economic crisis in his country is deepening.

Iran PressAmerica: Joe Biden added that no action could be taken in the next few months to reverse the outbreak of the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

The government needs to act “decisively and boldly” to help Americans who are seeing their paychecks reduced and are “barely hanging on,” Biden said at the White House as he introduced his coronavirus economic relief plan. 

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the United States and the inefficiency of the administration of former US President Donald Trump, the statistics show that as of Thursday, more than 24 million and 440 thousand people in this country have been infected with Covid-19 and at least 406 1,162 people also died.

According to statistics provided by Johns Hopkins University, the United States still ranks first in the world in terms of the number of coronary heart disease patients.

With the spread of the corona in the United States and its impact on the economy, many jobs have been lost and millions have lost their jobs.

The US Department of Labor announced on Thursday that another 900,000 people have applied for unemployment benefits in the past week.