Qom (IP) - The Speaker of Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly said the country's nuclear program was scheduled to produce %20-enriched uranium by 120kg within one year, in the first month of which it was enriched by 17kg that was much ahead of the schedule.

Iran PressIran News: After visiting the Shahid Ali Mohammadi Enrichment Complex (Fordow facility), Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf appreciated the government and Foreign Ministry for their good and uninterrupted implementation of the law passed by the parliament over neutralizing the West's sanctions.

"According to the field monitoring and the law on lifting sanctions, which was passed in the parliament, the process of %20-enrichment of uranium is going well," Ghalibaf said.

Pointing out that the development of the nuclear industry is an important step towards the development of the country, he said that the nuclear industry is a combination of technology and science from other disciplines that can play an important role in health and treatment.

He also reminded the significance of the nuclear industry for the country's agriculture to increase production and preserve agricultural products.

The enemy does not want Iran to have a nuclear industry and is very angry with Iran for that, while the parliament is determined to take action to develop the industry, the speaker of the Iranian parliament noted.

He pointed to Iran's scale-back measures in response to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), European parties' failure in fulfilling their commitments, and stressed that all of Iran's actions are within the framework of the internationally signed agreement's Articles 35 and 36.

"As long as the JCPOA parties have not fulfilled their obligations, Iran also has the right, not to the like" Ghalibaf pointed out, adding "whenever they take effective measures to lift sanctions, that is the problems related to oil sale, financial issues, and exports and imports are resolved and the government reports to the parliament, Iran also returns to JCPOA’s obligations".


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