Tehran (IP) - One of the Taliban's senior officials says the group is seeking an inclusive system in Afghanistan.

Iran Press/Iran News: "We seek to establish an inclusive system in Afghanistan," the Spokesman for the Taliban Political Office in Qatar Suhail Shaheen told Iran Press on Monday in a press conference in Tehran.

The spokesman, who is in Tehran with a delegation for political talks, said the current administration of Kabul will be abolished, and an Islamic government will be established, adding their peace talks continue under the Doha Agreement, and they are not after monopolizing power.

Concerning the US presence in Afghanistan, Shaheen stated Taliban and the US agreed to establish an Islamic government in the future.

Suhail Shaheen said that the Taliban agreed with the US government that they have four years to review and evaluate everything, and so do we, and they have 12 months as notice to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan.

"We have had numerous meetings with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia," added the Taliban spokesman.



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