The director-general of the Sanaa International Airport in the Yemeni capital said that the Saudi-American coalition had closed the Sanaa airport, killing more than 80,000 Yemeni patients.

Iran PressMiddle East: The director-general of the Sanaa International Airport, Khalid al-Sharif added: "The closure of the airport has resulted in a heavy loss while damaging health infrastructure of the country affecting all aspects of the lives of Yemeni civilians."

"Thousands of people have died as a result of the crime Saudi-led coalition by closing the Sanaa airport, and with the indifference of the international community to this issue the situation has become even more catastrophic," he said, referring to the Yemeni suffering from the four-and-a-half-year closure of Sanaa airport.

"More than 450,000 patients need to be transferred abroad for treatment, given the ongoing war and the deteriorating health situation caused by the Saudi coalition's siege of Yemen," said the director of Sanaa Airport.

He also said that more than one million Yemenis are unable to enter Yemen and that thousands of students are barred from using their scholarships due to the closure of Sanaa airport and the siege of Yemen.

The director of Sanaa Airport also announced that $150 million are the direct damage from attacks by Saudi coalition forces on the Yemeni capital International Airport. 219