Tehran (IP) - Iranian President's Chief of Staff stated that apart from the Russian vaccine, we are in talks to buy other vaccines from China and India.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mahmoud Vaezi said: "Even if we can reduce the exchange rate an hour earlier, we will definitely do it and that is all our efforts. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, and Central Bank Governor Abdul Nasser Hemmati travelled to the region to release our blocked funds as soon as possible."

"Apart from the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, another vaccine will be purchased," he stated. "We are negotiating to buy a Chinese vaccine, and these negotiations are going very well. We are also negotiating to get a good vaccine from India. I think with these measures, our basket of vaccines will be completed and we will have all this before Nowruz (Iranian New Year).

Vaezi added: "Currently, one million doses are to be imported from Russia and this process continues. In the next steps, more Russian vaccines will be imported into the country."


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