Iran (IP) - Following the fire at Islam Qala Customs on the Iran-Afghanistan border, Director-General of West Asia at Iran's ministry of foreign affairs wrote on his Twitter account that the fire in the neighbor's house is the fire in our home.

Iran PressIran News: Rasoul Mousavi noted: "Warning!! Fire in the neighbor's house, fire in our house."

He went on to mention: "Widespread fire in #Islam Qala. We must go to the aid of Afghanistan with all our might. I did everything that was in the area of my responsibility; now I am waiting to see what will happen in practice." According to Afghan officials, a gas tanker exploded at Islam Qala Customs, Afghanistan, at around 12:30 PM.

According to local officials, the General Directorate of Customs of Dugharun, Khorasan Razavi, has opened the entry routes for trucks' return and to avoid possible dangers for cargoes. Trucks carrying gas and fuel are lead to leave the area. They will be stationed five kilometers away from the site of the explosion.

This explosion's exact cause has not been announced yet, and there are no statistics on casualties. Moreover, at least four Afghan security force members, including a commander, were killed. Seven were critically injured in blasts in eastern and southern provinces on Saturday, saying that three civilians were injured in the east.

No militant group immediately claimed responsibility for the three attacks, which come amid an upsurge in violence in Afghanistan as clashes intensify between government forces and Taliban insurgents.

In recent weeks, a string of near-daily roadside bombings has killed government officials, judges, journalists, and activists.

A fire broke out at the customs office in Islam Qala, western Herat Province, Afghanistan, and no casualties have been reported.

Local officials have not made a statement on the cause of the fire and casualties but said that the economic losses were heavy.

Further investigation is still in progress.


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