Sheikh Issa Qasim:

Qom (IP) - The leader of the Islamic Movement of Bahrain said: "The actions of the Al-Khalifa regime and the unwavering support of the Saudi military can not disrupt the determination of the Bahraini people."

Iran PressIran News: The tenth anniversary of the Bahraini revolution was celebrated on Saturday in the city of Qom with the slogan "Stability until victory" and with the presence of Sheikh Issa Qasim, the leader of the Bahraini Islamic Movement.

According to Iran Press News Agency, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Bahrain, said at the ceremony that a decade had passed since the uprising of the Bahraini people with the aim of radical and serious reform, adding: "The position of all opposition groups is to achieve victory."

Sheikh Issa Qasim emphasized that the Bahraini people's movement would continue with the aim of reforming the current situation, noting that the current equation in the country was reactionary and oppressive was not compatible with the will of the Bahraini people.

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Bahrain added: "None of the intense violence and the imported (Saudi) military and the various methods of torture can silence the voice of the Bahraini people and silence the opposition."

Bahrain has been witnessing a popular uprising against Al-Khalifa regime since February 14, 2011.

The people of Bahrain want freedom, justice and the elimination of discrimination and the establishment of an elected system in their country, but the Al-Khalifa regime suppresses popular protests in this country.

The Al-Khalifa regime has arrested a number of opposition leaders and sentenced them to long prison terms by filing a case to quell the protests of the Bahraini people.


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