Kabul-(IP)- The governor-general of Iran's Khorasan Razavi Province met with Herat's governor at the Islam Qala customs post, following the delivery of aid and a field visit.

Iran press/ Asia: Mohammad Sadeq Motamedian attended the explosion area last night following a request for help from Herat's governor to contain a massive blaze at the Islam Qala customs post.

In a meeting with the governor of Iran's Khorasan Razavi, the governor of Herat expressed gratitude for Iranian aid workers and firefighters' practical assistance. They reviewed the latest situation in the explosion area.

Following the governor of Herat's request to extinguish this massive blaze and provide assistance to the injured, several rescue helicopters, 11 fire trucks, 21 ambulances, and the best rescue teams were sent to the Iran-Afghanistan border.

A massive explosion and blaze at Afghanistan's Islam Qala customs post, which began at around 1 pm yesterday, damaged hundreds of heavy trucks carrying the country's exports.

Iran's Dogharoon Customs and Border Crossing is located 18 km away from Taybad city. Taybad shares common borders with Afghanistan in the east and southeast.

Dogharoon Customs operates in export, import, transit, and passenger commute between Iran and Afghanistan.


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