Tehran (IP) – Iran's ambassador to Afghanistan said relying on foreigners did not work for anyone, so to develop any country, one has to start from within.

Iran press/ Asia:  Delivering a speech at the unveiling ceremony of articles collection, the third conference of Iran-Afghanistan thinkers, Bahador Aminian stated that by having world-famous genius, history, and culture, Iran and Afghanistan could help each other better.

He noted that both countries' elites had to be identified and remove the harms that were mostly within the countries and the threats that were usually imposed outside because such problems would not let any society develop.

He underlined that Iran and Afghanistan had to eliminate extremism, the violence of internal groups and immoral cultural and linguistic rivalries, and social inequality, which was the duty of both countries' elites.

Aminian highlighted that Iran had gained plenty of such experiences countering those issues and could provide Afghan elites with them.

Referring to extremism and Wahhabism as a threat to Afghanistan, he stressed: "One of the factors that the Islamic Republic prevented and is still preventing from spreading extremism such as ISIS, is not letting the development and education in Extremism and Wahhabism at schools, mosques, and universities."

It had been heard that in recent months, foreigners were going to construct schools and universities in Afghanistan, which was a threat that could destroy the foundations of any society that was rooted in ignorance and lack of knowledge. It was the duty of the elites to prevent them, he pointed.

The ambassador said it was the elites' duty of both countries to correctly recognize each country's issues and harms and focus on them and warn the communities about them.

"Our culture is the effort of hundreds of years of past generations, and it is our duty to protect it and give it to posterity safe," Aminian added.

"One of the problems is the lack of Iran-Afghanistan elites' communication which their mutual interactions can revive the culture. The Islamic Republic of Iran supports any trip or the idea of ​​elites and makes every effort to facilitate communication," concluded Iran's Ambassador to Afghanistan.


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