Chabahar (IP) - Following the hybrid exercise of the North Indian Ocean Maritime Security Belt, naval units from Iran, India, and Russia launched the operation to free the hijacked ship and put out the fire.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the second day of the hybrid exercise of the North Indian Maritime Security Belt and according to a predetermined scenario, the operation to release two merchant ships that were heading to international waters and were abducted by imaginary pirates was done by surface and flight units; the two ships were freed from the clutches of pirates.

At this stage of the exercise, after sending an emergency message of merchant ships to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) center of Chabahar port, first, the area of ​​operation was identified and searched by flying an SH3D helicopter of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and then the Jamaran destroyer of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a unit.

The exercise command divided the warships stationed in the area into two groups consisting of units from Iran, Russia, and India to carry out the liberation operation.

Subsequently, special operations forces were deployed from the air and infiltrating from the surface onto the deck of the hijacked ship, arresting the pirates and carrying out the ship liberation operation scenario.

The first phase of the Iran-Russia 2021 Hybrid Maritime Security Belt exercise began on Tuesday with two countries' vessels firing at two predetermined targets at sea.

In the next phase of the exercise, the ‘PHOTOEX’ operation was carried out, including the formation and offensive arrangement of the units participating in the exercise by the region's threats.

Iran-Russia 2021 Combined Maritime Security Belt exercise began on Tuesday in the northern Indian Ocean and Oman Sea and is underway for two days.


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