Tehran (IP) - Special Assistant to the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament for International Affairs stressed that the White House wants no peace and security for Afghanistan.

Iran Press/Iran News:  Meeting with the head of Afghanistan's National Congress Party Abdollatif Pedram on Thursday, Hossein Amirabdolahian said the US did not want good, peace, and security for the country and emphasized the Afghan state and constitution as the pillars of the intra-Afghan dialogues. 

While stressing the national unity in Afghanistan, Amirabdolahian said: "sustainable security and peace in Afghanistan will be achieved through national unity and the support of all groups and parties in this country."

He also pointed to the cultural, historic, and linguistic deep relations of Iran and Afghanistan and mentioned the Iranian hospitality of Afghan nationals as an example of unity and brotherhood between the two nations.

Head of Afghanistan's National Congress Party Abdollatif Pedram for his part said the interferences by the US and some of the region's states have endangered the path of Afghanistan's peace and security.  

He considered the relations between Iran and Afghanistan as brotherly and at a high level, appreciating Iran's hospitality. 219