Tehran (IP) - Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that today when the new US administration officials and all the world's observers admit that the Maximum Pressure policy has failed, there is no way for the United States but to return to the JCPOA.

Iran PressIran News: Government spokesman Ali Rabiei told reporters at a news conference: "Some people were against the nuclear deal from the beginning. They had evil plans for the Iranian people and saw this agreement as an obstacle to it. But unfortunately, the Trump regime deceived by these opponents and chose an evil path that ultimately resulted in nothing but international isolation of the United States in the bodies and organizations that it had once found them."

Rabiei noted: "Although Trump's unconventional, irrational and cruel behavior imposed heavy costs on our economy, it did not have the slightest success in destroying the independence and endurance of the Iranians."

"We have kept our promise over the years, and now it is the turn of the United States to recognize its slogan of returning to the world by setting aside the most inhumane sanctions the world can remember," Rabiei added.

The government spokesman said: "We believe that there is no other way but diplomacy to resolve the current dispute, but diplomacy cannot begin without the goodwill and showing honesty."

Rabiei noted that the US government has so far refused to take the slightest step to show confidence-building efforts. Iran will pursue the only diplomatic path, but will never engage in an endless game aimed at buying time for the US government and postponing the lifting of the sanctions.

"We are ready to hear any fair and honest proposals to resolve this dispute, but more than that, we are waiting to see action is taken that can gradually restore the lost trust," he noted.

He added: "In agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency, we have implemented the law passed by the parliament in such a way as to assure the international community that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. This agreement carried a clear message of our goodwill in giving diplomacy a chance."

The spokesman said: "We also expect all parties to act wisely and with foresight and to know the value of transient and irreversible moments."

Rabiei said that the proposal of the three European countries to hold a meeting with the United States was an initiative, but this time was not appropriate due to the non-lifting of sanctions and the hypocritical rhetoric of the United States in lifting the sanctions.

The spokesman said about the situation of the mutant coronavirus in the country: "The Iranian mutat type of the coronavirus is not true and only the British mutant type has been seen in the country."

Elsewhere, in response to a question, Government Spokesman said that the release of the Iranian money, which had been blocked by US government pressure in countries such as South Korea, Iraq, and Japan, was being pursued by Iran's Central Bank (CBI) and FMA. These actions have accelerated in recent days and there have been good openings."

Noting that CBI has reached agreements with South Korea and Iraq to unfreeze, he said: "According to the negotiations, the access to the money will be done gradually. Based on the agreement, a $ 1 billion payment order has been issued to the Bank of South Korea and is in operation."

Larijani is pursuing a 25-year-old document

The spokesman continued: "Former parliament speaker Mr. Larijani is following up on the 25-year-old Iran-China document, but no trip is planned at this time."

Anti-Iranian resolution in the IAEA Board of Governors

Rabiei noted: "The suspension of the Additional Protocol under a law passed by Parliament was a balancing act under Article 36 of the JCPOA, which gives one party the right to reciprocally suspend all or part of its obligations if the other parties do not comply." He added: "We will continue to adhere to the JCPOA and, in case of, resumption of the obligations of other parties, we will immediately resume all our obligations, including the full implementation of the Additional Protocol. The recent agreement reached between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency demonstrates Iran's goodwill and steadfastness in reassuring the international community of our unwavering commitment to the peaceful conduct of nuclear activities."

The government spokesman noted: "We expect this goodwill to be met with mutual goodwill by members of the Board of Governors. We believe that with the agreement reached, there is no reason to worry about the voluntary termination of the Additional Protocol."

He added: "However if the United States really has reason to worry, it should return to its obligations in the JCPOA to pave the way for Iran to reciprocate this artificial concern. We are not in a hurry to announce our position and compensatory steps, but we will respond to any positive or negative action in an appropriate manner at an appropriate time."


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