Tehran (IP) - Iran's foreign minister, referring to the blockade of Iranian money in South Korea, said that last week I had a conversation with the Foreign Minister of South Korea, he promised to do his best to bring the case to result, we are also following up.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Mechanisms have been agreed, but apparently the Koreans have not yet received the US permission, but they say they are pursuing the case,"  Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

Iran's foreign minister said: "In Iran's view, obtaining the US permission is not necessary, but the Korean side is still trying to get permission to unfreeze Iranian frozen funds in south Korean banks."

Earlier, the media quoted Yonhap News Agency as saying that Iran's blocked assets in South Korean banks were estimated at US$9 billion and $200 million, but on Feb 23, the agency has announced the amount at about US$7 billion.


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