Iran (IP)- The wide railroad border bridge is on the Iran-Turkmenistan border inaugurated on Thursday.

Iran PressIran News: Director-General of Iran’s North East Railway Line 2 based in Gorgan Mohsen Etemad said, "The construction of this railway cost 4 million and 500 thousand dollars, and Iran's share for the implementation of this project was 2 million and 240 thousand dollars."

Etemad also stated: "The project, which was carried out in order to facilitate trade relations between Iran and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and reduce costs, has also been welcomed by investors in Iran's Golestan province."

Etemad highlighted that since 2014, when the Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway was inaugurated in Incheboron, the wide railway line had not been connected.

It is estimated that by 2025, more than 6 million tons of cargo will be exported from this area, which is cost-effective due to the characteristics of this route, such as reducing the length, time, cost, and final price.

Although the border was closed for over 100 days because of the lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic, over 220,000 tons of goods were exported to Turkmenistan through the railroad, Etemad stated earlier. 

He noted that some 100,000 tons of cement had the biggest share of exports from Golestan province to Turkmenistan, adding that steel, tiles, dates, detergent, and apple were in the next places.

"Iran exported nearly 144,000 tons of goods to Turkmenistan over 11 months last year, but this year, it exported around 220,000 tons of goods in just seven months," the official stated, forecasting that it would reach 300,000 tons until the end of the current Iranian year (March 20).

He said that the number of railway wagons for transportation of goods to Turkmenistan would increase to 30 from the current 20.