Footage of a brutal crackdown on protests against a coup in Myanmar unleashed outrage and calls for a stronger international response Thursday, a day after 38 people were killed.

Iran press/ Asia: Videos showed security forces shooting a person at point-blank range and chasing down and savagely beating demonstrators.

Despite the shocking violence the day before, protesters returned to the streets Thursday to denounce the military’s Feb. 1 takeover and were met again with tear gas.

The international response to the coup has so far been fitful, but a flood of videos shared online showing security forces brutally targeting protesters and other civilians led to calls for more action.

UN special envoy for Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener, described Wednesday as “the bloodiest day” since the takeover. More than 50 civilians, mostly peaceful protesters, are confirmed to have been killed by police and soldiers since then, including the 38 she said died Wednesday.

"I saw today very disturbing video clips," said Schraner Burgener, speaking to reporters at UN headquarters in New York via video link from Switzerland. "One was police beating a volunteer medical crew. They were not armed. Another video clip showed a protester was taken away by police and they shot him from very near, maybe only one meter. He didn’t resist his arrest, and it seems that he died on the street."

She appeared to be referring to a video shared on social media that begins with a group of security forces following a civilian, who they seem to have pulled out of a building. A shot rings out, and the person falls. After the person briefly raises their head, two of the troops drag the person down the street by the arms.

In other footage, about two dozen security forces, some with their firearms drawn, chase two people wearing the construction helmets donned by many protesters down a street. When they catch up to the people, they repeatedly beat them with rods and kick them. One of the officers is seen filming the scene on his cell phone.

In yet another video, several police officers repeatedly kick and hit a person with rods, while the person cowers on the ground, hands over their head. Officers move in and out of the frame, getting a few kicks in, and then casually walk away.

As part of the crackdown, security forces have also arrested around 1,200 people, including journalists, according to UN envoy Schraner Burgener. More than 500 children are estimated to be among those arbitrarily detained, UNICEF said Thursday.

On Thursday, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric condemned the targeting of journalists by security forces and called for their release.

UNICEF, meanwhile, condemned the reported killings of at least five children since Wednesday, as well as the wounding of four others.

While some countries have imposed or threatened to impose sanctions following the coup, others, including those neighboring Myanmar, have been more hesitant in their response.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Thursday urged all of those with “information and influence” to hold military leaders to account.

The Security Council has scheduled closed-door consultations for Friday on calls to reverse the coup — including from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres — and stop the escalating crackdown.