The Iranian ambassador in Vienna stated that the three European member states of the IAEA Board of Governors (Britain, France, and Germany) gave themselves another chance by suspending the resolution process in the International Atomic Energy Agency's BG.

Iran PressEurope: On Saturday, 'Kazem Gharibabadi', Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Vienna-based International Organizations in response to reporters’ question about the statement of the three European countries regarding the suspension of the resolution process in the Board of Governors, said: "The three countries have claimed that by doing so, they have given Iran and the IAEA another chance to continue their work on some issues, and reserve the right to request an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Governors at any time. I must say that the three countries have, in fact, given themselves another opportunity to act in the light of inaction and non-compliance with their obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, on the one hand, and not destroying the atmosphere of diplomacy and cooperation between Iran and the IAEA on the other hand."

He added: "Stopping the resolution process is the result of diplomacy and active resistance, as well as significant progress in the nuclear field in the light of the recent law of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Therefore, we warn the initiators of any resolution against Iran at any stage and time that if you want to return to the path of confrontation, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to give a strong response, especially in the field of nuclear technology."

Regarding the connection between the trip of the IAEA technical staff in April, the Permanent Representative of Iran also said: "Europeans and their media want to consider this issue as a privilege for themselves in the process of halting the resolution. It is up to them if they want to use this issue as a way to protect their reputation in order to justify the resolution process."

“But I must emphasize that no new arrangements have been made with the IAEA since the recent joint agreement in Tehran. As I said at the meeting of the Board of Governors, the interaction between the two sides in the field of safeguards is not a new issue and is in the continuation of existing relations,” he stated.


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