Tehran (IP) - Iran has no problems in the public, election security, and all provinces are seriously pursuing national security, Iran's Interior Minister said.

Iran PressIran News: In a meeting of governors with the Minister of Interior on Sunday, Abdoreza Rahmani Fazli stated that four important issues were discussed in the meeting: 1- Security 2- Foods and prices during Nowruz 3- the government's decision to import goods and 4- the election.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Interior, in charge of economic coordination, has been reviewing prices for the past four months, saying governors were required to oversee market regulation in coordination with the Ministry of Jihad and the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade.

Regarding the facilitation of the possibility of importing goods, the Minister of Interior noted that the government has decided to compensate for the shortages.

Rahmani Fazli stressed that elections were critical for the country, and all cooperation has been done to register for the country's upcoming city council elections.

He asked the educated and qualified citizens to register for the council elections, explaining registration for the expert, presidential and parliamentary elections would also begin.

Rahmani Fazli called on people to take part in the elections seriously and all organizations to work and pave the situation for a glorious competition in the elections.

Regarding the coronavirus and travel during the new year holidays, the Minister of Interior highlighted that travel to all cities except red and orange cities was free by observing the protocols strictly.

He pointed out that the disease has decreased since the establishment of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus and stressed that officials in the provinces' administration, transportation, public services, and medical services should work to create a healthy atmosphere in the country in the new year.


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